6oz Hybrid Coffee Capsule – Signature Blend/Peru


A Mix of 5 Signature Blend capsules & 5 Peruvian (Single Origin) capsules. The best of both worlds!


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6oz Signature Blend

Tasting Notes: Well-balanced blend with sweet hints of dark chocolate, caramel and a smooth lingering aftertaste. Rich crema.

Acidity: Moderate Low // Intensity: Strong


Peru (Single Origin)

Tasting Notes: Bursting flavours of citrus and guava with smooth undertones of walnut and chocolate makes this a refreshing fruity choice! An aromatic mellow bodied blend with a gentle sweet finish.

Acidity: Moderate High // Intensity: Moderate


Best enjoyed straight up, with milk or over ice.

100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee in Nespresso® Compatible Capsules.

*Each tube comes with 5 signature blend capsules and 5 peru (single origin) capsules.

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